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Changing of your tyres

Tyres wear because of their use if the tyres are not replaced in time, this may cause undesirable situations on the road. Especially in wet at roads this can be very dangerous. During an emergency brake or sharp curves bald tyres provide less grip on the road. Things that can happen are the sliding of the car. The legal tread depth of your tyre in Europe is 1.6 millimeters. If the tread of your tyre is less, we will replace your tyre. The tread is easily measured using a profile meter. Our advice is not to wait until the 1.6 millimeters but to replace the tyres in time.

Winter tires

The weather in autumn and winter make that the roads are tricky. Freezing, drizzle rain, leaves, hail and snow can bring unsafe situations. By getting wintertyres you get more grip on the road. They offer good safety at cold, wet and slippery conditions. The right time to switch from summer to winter is when the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius. The cold makes the rubber of the summer tyres harder and less elastic. This reduces grip on the road. You also drive safer and more economical with winter tyres. If you are going on a skiing trip then you are better and safer equipped with winter tyres. In Austria the winter tyres are even required. In Germany you are not insured if you have an accident and you have no winter tyres under the car. If necessary than TBB offers even the possibility to store your summer or winter tyres in their storage area behind the company. Then the tyres out of the way at home.

Used tires

The use of used tires is recommended. The purchase of used tires is cheaper and the quality is guaranteed as the tyres all get a quality test. The testing means that we will put pressure on the tire, rotate it and take it through a water bath. This makes it possible to visually check the condition of the tyres. Of course we also check the thread depth if this still meets the legal requirements.

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